• The boring smashes ore and other materials, to obtain satisfactory product size, our company design and manufacture of boring are widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials,chemical industry etc.by users domestic and abroad. The boring is mainly composed of feedingparts,feeding parts,main bearing parts,barrel parts,transmission parts,discharging parts and main motor parts.Motor drives grinding cylinder Rotate at an adequatespeed through the driving and deceleratingby gear pair to grind.Grinding medium isplaced in the cylinder under the influence of centrifugal force,friction force and grawit, after being elevated to a certain heightcoming into the state of being thrown orfallen. The material in the barrel is smashed by the impact of the mediu. At the sametime,because of the rolling or sliding of the medium, the material is grinded and strippe,after grinding,the milled material is discharged at the discharge port.According to the requirement,the mill can be configuredwithanairclutch,aslowdrive,ajacking device,a jet lubrication device,etc. The main bearing of the boring can beused as ordinary sliding be arings,dyrnamic and static bearings,hydrostatic bearings and rolling bearings as reguired.
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