• Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
    • Symons Cone Crusher
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    Symons Cone Crusher

    PYS Symons Medium And Fine Cone Crusher produced according to American technical standards, with high output, which is more than 1.5-2 times of the corresponding size cone crusher, low energy consumption, strong crushing force, large crushing ratio, neat grain size, high finished product rate, low consumption of lining plate, good sealing performance, low wear of transmission parts and consumption of lubricating oil, flexible adjustment, very convenient and random production operation, more rapid and safe hydraulic jack cavity, multiple specifications and models, and multiple cavity design, Adapted to a wide range of ore feeding conditions and different product granularity requirements, reliable motor overload protection, oil temperature, oil pressure, oil volume range alarm, control protection design, and put an end to major equipment accidents.

    Symons Cone Crusher belongs to the Cone Crusher. In CONE CRUSHER, Symons Cone Crusher has a wide range of applications and has a higher share than other Cone Crusher. Symons Cone Crusher contains Symons 3Ft CONE CRUSHER, Symons 4.25Ft CONE CRUSHER, Symons 5.5Ft CONE CRUSHER, Symons 7Ft CRUSHER, of which Symons 3Ft CRUSHER and Symons 4.25Ft Cone Crusher is the most popular and belongs to the main product of our factory. Symons Cone Crusher is divided into standards: standard and short -headed crushing cavity. Therefore, the cavity type is flexible and diverse, which meets the needs of different users.

    Symons Cone Crusher is produced according to US technical standards. Symons Cone Crusher has a high output. It is 1.5-2 times more than 1.5-2 times of the CONE CRUSHER. reduce. Symons Cone Crusher is sealed, reducing the wear and consumption of lubricating oil. Symons CONE CRUSHER adjustment is flexible, very convenient and casual. Symons Cone Crusher Hydraulic Jack is faster and safer. At the same time, Symons Cone Crusher also has reliable motor overload protection, oil temperature and oil pressure, and oil volume to the police, which controls the protection design. Eliminate major equipment accidents.




    Breaking diamenter 

    ft (mm)

    Cavity type

    Size of feed port (mm)

    Min dischange

     open (mm)

    Min motor 

    power (kw)


    weight (t)



    Closing sideOpening side
    PYS-B09103Ft3 (914)Fine type3 5/8(83)4 1/89(102)9~22751640~100
    PYS-B0917Coarse type6 3/8(159)7/(175)13~3855~180
    PYS-B0918Extra thick type6 1/2(163)7 1/8(178)25~38105~180
    PYS-D09043Ft3 (914)Fine type1/2(13)1 5/89(41)3~13751624~100
    PYS-D0906Coarse type1 5/16(33)2 3/8(61)3~1624~110
    PYS-D0907Extra thick type2(51)3(76)6~1954~110
    PYS-B13134-1/4Ft4 1/4 (1295)          Fine type4 3/8(109)5 3/89(137)18~3115527100~200
    PYS-B1321Coarse type7 1/2(188)8 1/4(210)16~38118~280
    PYS-B1324Medium type8 5/8(216)9 5/89(241)19~51155~384
    PYS-B1325Extra thick type9 5/8(238)10 3/8(259)25~51212~390
    PYS-D13064-1/4Ft4 1/4 (1295)          Fine type1 1/8(29)2 1/2(64)3~161552732~180
    PYS-D1308Coarse type2 1/8(54)3 1/2(89)6~1674~180
    PYS-D1310Medium type3 3/4(70)4 1/8(105)8~2598~250
    PYS-D1313Extra thick type3 7/8(98)5 1/4(133)16~25188~260
    PYS-B16205-1/2Ft5 1/2 (1676)Fine type7 1/2(188)8 3/8(209)16~3824051162~360
    PYS-B1624Coarse type8 1/2(213)9 5/8(241)22~51232~460
    PYS-B1626Medium type9 5/8(241)10 3/4(269)25~64270~698
    PYS-B1636Extra thick type13 1/4(331)14 1/2(368)38~64388~745
    PYS-D16075-1/2Ft5 1/2 (1676)Fine type1 3/8(35)2 3/49(70)5~132405182~230
    PYS-D1608Coarse type2 1/8(54)3 1/2(89)6~19120~310
    PYS-D1613Medium type3 7/8(98) 5 1/4(133)10~25170~370
    PYS-D1614Extra thick type4 5/8(117)5 1/4(133)13~25228~370
    PYS-B21107FtHD7 (2134)Fine type10 1/8(253)11 1/8(278)19~38380102344~798
    PYS-B2113Coarse type12 1/8(303)13 3/8(334)25~51550~1098
    PYS-B2117Medium type13 3/5(334)14 3/4(369)31~64710~1398
    PYS-B2120Extra thick type16 3/4(425)18 1/8(460)38~64800~1498
    PYS-D21107FtHD7 (2134)Fine type2(51) 4 1/8(105)5~16380102172~450
    PYS-D2113Coarse type33/4(95)5 1/4(132)10~19318~560
    PYS-D2117Medium type5(127)7(178)13~25408~658
    PYS-D2120Extra thick type6(152)8(203)16~25530~718

    symons cone crusher

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