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    Ball mill principle


    Various ball mills in the mining industry have a large -scale trend. The requirements for reducing basic investment and production costs when mining large -scale and low -quality mining beds have caused this trend. There is only one series in the case. This requires higher reliability and requires more stringent design, manufacturing and quality assurance measures. In order to ensure that the design of the ball mill meets different production needs, we have made a comprehensive research and refinement of the working principle of the ball mill. Through differentiated design, we have developed the working principle of different ball mills, and the applicability is more extensive.

    Ball mill principle

    The working principle of a ball mill is set up at the right end (discharge end). The plaid board is 7-20mm from several fan-shaped pores. Generally, it is advisable to be 7-8mm. In the space between the end lid, then the material is raised from the raising plate 2 to raise the material upwards.

    Another type of ball mill working principle is that the wind power discharge ball mill uses the discharge, the material enters the ball mill from the feed port. As the mill turns back, the grinding machine (steel ball) impacts and grinds the material. The left end (imported) gradually moves to the right end, and the process of mobility is the broken process of the material and the powder grinding process.

    The exit end of the ball mill is connected to the duct, and in the pipe system, the pipe system is connected to the pipe selection machine, the air selection separator, the dust collector and the fans. When the wind system drives, the ball mill is also in low negative pressure operation.

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    When the grinding material turns loosely with the grinding machine, and enter the pipeline system from the outlet from the outlet, it is separated from the powder selection device and then sent to the ball mill. Eliminate the atmosphere from the fan.